One Eyed Fool

Untitled drawing

Dear Beauty Marketers

Stop making models replace one of their eyes with the product. I’m not a fool, I know her eye is underneath the product. I’m not sure when or why this trend gained traction but its juvenile and inane. Its one thing for drugstore brands. I expect drugstore brands to obnoxiously assume that women in lower price points are simpleminded. However drugstore brands use celebrities, prestige brands tend to use models. For the amount of money Cover Girl is paying, trust me they’re going to get every quarter inch of Katy Perry’s face in that shot. Malgosia Bela…not so much.

There’s no excuse for exhausting such a stupid art directive for this long. Season after season, year after year “hey hey now where’d her eye go? must be behind that awesome new primer”. 10 years ago I’m sure it was fresh and fun. The model, coy and flirtatious posing with her product as a literal part of her face. I completely understand the marketing strategy, especially as package design became more and more paramount in beauty. But is this dopey shot something so essential to beauty marketing that it should last for 20 years? Salvador Dali said “The first man to compare the cheeks of a young woman to a rose was obviously a poet; the first to repeat it was possibly an idiot.”. Let a good idea die an honorable death. I don’t claim to fully understand traditional marketing, specifically in the beauty arena where more money is spent and the ROI’s are higher than any other retail industry. I have no doubt there are pie charts and research to support the cheesy eyesore (pun intended) that is the one eye product shot. However, I personally believe the buying public can handle a little innovation. I have faith. I have faith that your average American beauty consumer will not a react in revolt to attempts at brand identity. Some defining characteristic as identified in advertising that will distinguish one brand from another. Beauty is one of the few areas where everyone from the most commercial to the most elite can commit wholly to a well-crafted image. Let’s just look to Tom Ford in this instance. Tom Ford beauty campaign sells you nothing but Tom Ford. The slickness, the Helmut Newton rich bitch sexuality. The photography is polished. Its a hardcore beauty campaign but its also a platform for Tom Ford’s aesthetic. Now this isn’t to say that Tom Ford is perfect and has never had a misstep worth mentioning, I’m just saying he does everything better than everyone else. By no means am I asking the beauty world to be as perfect Tom Ford, that would be unfair. Just make an effort not to patronize us with your adolescent lip gloss winking.


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