The Guide to Overly Cool, Expertly Curated Boutiques That Will Ensure You Never Get Out of Debt.

New York has no shortage of excessively cool boutiques. While we love our multi level, big name department stores, we have a special relationship with privately owned shops with personality. They all offer us something different, a unique edge. There is nothing quite like finding the store that matches you. The salesgirls, the music they play, the art on the wall, the new designers they choose…its all so you. Sometimes, unfortunately the good people at Visa disagree with your new found kindred spirit. Visa says silly things like “you can’t afford that Kenzo blouse Tiffany”. It’s a challenging dichotomy and we’re working on it. In the meantime however, these shops don’t help us in our ever present struggle. If you’re from here you know that Opening Ceremony is basically holy. Its the success story of all success stories when it comes to indie boutiques. They’ve managed to carry a undoubtedly luxury inventory and still maintain the cool of a mom and pop shop. Genius. Besides OC, here is a roundup of the other ‘need to know’ boutiques aka greatest places on earth.

Kirna Zabete


Behind the Door: Beth Buccini and Sarah Easley

A NYC legend at this point. Crisp, Bright, Blue Chip, Femininity  Think Caroline Issa day to day.  Personifying Designers. Prabal Gurung, Eddie Borgo…

Peep this adorable Style Like U feature on Kirna Zabete



Behind the Door: Jen Mankins

“Ms. Brooklyn”. Liveable Artsy Eclectic. Rag & Bone, Rachel Comey. Impossibly chic girls with ironic senses of humors and collections of Marlene Dumas prints. Garance Dore types.

Fivestory NY


Claire Distenfeld

Curated like a gallery and unapologetically opulent. This is the bona fide fancy shit. These are the girls that would ordinarily shop at Bergdorf’s but are decidedly too cool for that.

Balmain, Lanvin, Cushnie et Ochs

Think Olivia Palermo with more personality or Anna Del Russo…with less



Behind the Door: Kay Lee.

Personal favorite. . Quite possible the swagger capital of NY (kids still say swagger right?). Very Band of Outsiders meets  Carven. Think Models off duty, controlled, unfussy, timely cool. Quintessential New York nature.

Dagny & Barstow


Behind the Door. Emily Titelman and Meredith Blank

Slick and massively Smart. Just the right amount of trendy. The impeccable thinking girls wardrobe. Super selective inventory. The cool girls who always have pieces no one has seen. Alexa Chung and Hannah Bronfman.

American Two Shot


Behind the Door: Olivia Wolfe and Stephanie Krasnoff

Epitome of the Downtown aesthetic.  Hot e-cigarette smoking graphic artists and cute DJs that actually DJ. Think Va$tie or Jen Brill

Check out their awesome Tumblr for a glimpse of their personality

Photo Credits: From Top (StyleBistro; Vanessa Jackman; LifeStyled; Street Peeper; Candice Lake; Racked NY; GreyBlackMatter)


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