Using the Law of Attraction to Manifest The Balenciaga Cutout Boot

studded-hearts-london-fashion-week-streetstyle-elena-perminova-balenciaga-bootsbalen fashiontoast

Ask for the boots.

Send the positive vibes out there. Ask with all the confidence in the world for the boots. Don’t specify when you want them just ask. Ask sincerely and be sure to voice your gratitude for all the wonderful boots you’ve been able to enjoy in your life already. Say something like “I’ve had a wonderful life of boots, my fringe cowboy boots that saw me all the way through junior high school, my first pair of motorcycle boots, the Tory Burch riding boots I bought for myself for Christmas. Thank you for my wonderful boots. And thank you for bringing more wonderful boots in my future. I ask you to bring the Balenciaga cutout boot into my possession and I thank you in advance.”

Know the boots exist in the non-physical already.

Yes, you may not be wearing the boots right now…but the Balenciaga boots that you will eventually be wearing already exists somewhere, they just haven’t landed on your feet yet. Somewhere there is a flight from Paris with a re-shipment of the boots to be delivered to a Barneys near you. And on that flight exists a size 8 that will be in your hands. Or somewhere in the world there is a cash strapped girl in debt posting her boots on eBay right this minute.

Make space in your life for the boots.

Where would these boots go in your closet? Or maybe you would keep them at the foot of your bed. Wherever you imagine those boots going, make sure that physical space is clear. If you keep that area blocked or cluttered you are telling the universe that you have no space for the boots.

Practice Patience

Don’t give up. Don’t tell the universe you don’t believe. If you don’t manifest the boots within a couple of weeks don’t assume it just didn’t work. Never stop trusting the boots will be yours. Stay excited about your boots, talk about what you’ll wear with your boots. Believe. It doesn’t work if you do all these things and then buy knockoff Balenciaga cutout boots at Nasty Gal (no matter how cute they are). You are cosmically telling the universe that you say you trust its ability to manifest but your actions indicate that you really don’t.

The Lesson

You may or may not believe in the law of attraction but just imagine if you could manifest Balenciaga. Its worth a shot; what else do you have to do really? Once you get your shiny new buckled beauties you can try to apply the rules of manifestation to more trivial things like money and love and stuff.,default,pd.html

(From top. Studded Hearts via Grazia It;


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