The Go To Bar for When You Have Stopped Seeing Someone After Only a Few Weeks and You’re Not Sure Which One of You Ended it and You Need to Overanalyze it for 2 – 3 Hours with Your Girl over Vodka Sodas. This May or May Not Be a Personal Story.


Wise Men, NYC

I love the Bowery. Its one of my favorite places to be. DBGB is one of my favorite places to eat, Blue & Cream is one of my favorite places to shop and The Hole is my favorite gallery. Its just back to back fun The Bowery. Almost always back to back fun…except of course on this one rainy evening. Its 1:30pm, I’m perusing Instagram as per usual when I see a picture of him in Miami…at a party…a house party. “Aww, cute picture” I said, and just before my finger double tapped I noticed the caption that read “enjoying my new digs”. Wait…did he move to Miami? Did I realize we weren’t dating anymore? I totally forgot I haven’t spoken to him in 2 weeks. Did I break up with him?? The questions were burning a hole in my head.

By 4pm, I was toast. Bewildered, befuddled, beside myself. By now I remembered asking him not to call me at work, I remember not really wanting to speak to him much after that conversation but did I call it off? I genuinely can’t recall. It was time to text one of my girls to save me from this dizzying situation. I caught one. My friend was willing to meet me anywhere. I need a bar that is relaxed but cool. We were both far too pretty and well-dressed that day to go to any neighborhood bar, we needed to be around other attractive people but nowhere super fancy. Like a speakeasy. But not one where there will be too many people or too many guys that can overhear this extremely unsexy conversation we’re about to have. A fashionable, relaxed bar with a happy hour that’s not too popular.

A date was made. Meet me at 615 at Wise Men on the Bowery.

It ended up being one of the better decisions I made that week. Upon approaching Wise Men you can’t miss the photo mural covering the entire entrance of these elegant Asian women standing in front of a restaurant. It turns out to be a picture of the family of co-owner Christine Chin who owned a steakhouse in Chinatown named…Wise Men. Cute backstory, I like a bar with a story. It was just what the doctor ordered. The lighting was dim but not like I’m on a date dim, the décor was beautiful and the people were chic. We asked for a table but then I realized we needed to be in closer proximity for me to show his Instagram feed and the last streams of texts. There were just two stools available so we planted ourselves along the gorgeous black and white checkered bar. The cocktails looked decent but it was a vodka soda night. I could only afford to overthink one thing at a time, so a simple, low calorie, quickly made Vodka soda was all I could handle. As we went over the context of his ominous last text from two weeks ago “I hope to see you this weekend” I came to the realization that I by not answering that text I may have implied that I was no longer interested, but I did leave a cute comment on his Facebook page after that and he must have known he was moving at that point. My friend and our delicious bartender agreed. It was slightly puzzling. At the clock flirted with 9pm  it was time to go. The conclusion. I called it off (yep that’s right). He probably had no interest in anything lasting because he knew he was moving but most likely wanted to try to get in some bootay before he did. He failed. So that’s that. No more discussing it. I came to a conclusion everyone was comfortable with and found a fabulous new bar. That’s what you call  a productive night in NYC.

Wise Men

355 Bowery


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