Yogis, Young Entrepreneurs and Other Annoying Women Types to Emulate

Here we have a rundown of women who are downright annoying. Chances are being a woman between 21 and 40, particularly in a big city you have at least one of each in your life. I’m Sorry and Congratulations. It should be made clear that all of these women are fantastic and you’re truly lucky if you have any of them in your life. It should also be made clear that if you didn’t already get that I’m being ironic and I don’t actually find these women annoying – you probably wouldn’t enjoy this blog going forward.  Everyone was placed in our lives for a variety of reasons, I’d like to think that mind dizzying, levels of raging envy is not one of those reasons. So it’s a crucial life skill to recognize what everyone contributes to your own self development. Even if they irritate the hell out of you with their awesomeness.

The Yogi.


Yogis are annoying. Their level of Zen is something that can bring out the worst in you. Like maybe you secretly hope someone makes them mad so you can be all “calm down, remember your Zen”. Plus they have really great bodies. Like naturally lean, strong bodies. They make you feel like maybe you should have had just the one everything bagel this morning. They want you to come to Pure Yoga and use their guest pass and make a fool out of yourself and they constantly remind you that everyone was a beginner at one point.  Damn yogis. But Yogis are cool, and here’s what you should borrow from them

  1. Sense of Dedication. Because its true, they were all once a student in their very first yoga class and know they are mavens. Honing any skill is hard
  2. Respect for their Bodies. Yoga is different from any other fitness practice because it involves a 360 degree change in how you see your body; physically, spiritually, mentally.
  3. Breathing. It sounds like yogi rhetoric but knowing how to breath is really a life saver. And it has to be taught.

The Young Entrepreneur


Young Entrepreneurs are annoying too. They tend to think everyone should chuck their 9-5s and follow their “dreams”. They quote Napoleon Hill and that Rich Dad Poor Dad guy all the time for no reason. They make their own schedules and you hate having conversations about your boss with them. Their ambition is exhausting. But Young Entrepreneurs are awesome and we should be more like them.

  1. Money Management. Depending on you and only you for your next paycheck is beyond tough. You have to be in charge of your own money whatever you do and these girls have these skills down.
  2. Passion. We may not all be able to make a living off of what we like to do most. Or else the world would have a lot of professional Bravo TV watchers. But there is no reason you can’t commit at least part of your life to a passion of yours.
  3. Growth. Entrepreneurs have to grow constantly, that’s why they read and network obsessively. Growth should be paramount for us all.

The Head Over Heels in Love Lover

couple-with-third-party (1)

Well this just goes without saying. I know the law of attraction says you’re supposed to love and surround yourself with people in love if you want to be in love but let’s keep it really real right now, that’s not always so fun. I’m not talking about people in relationships, you could be in a relationship…I’m talking about the “halves of a whole” the “ying to his yang”. They take retreats together, Instagram each other sleeping, celebrate their 22nd Month anniversary. They do annoying stuff all the time and what’s worse they don’t care how annoying they are because he thinks she’s perfect. Damn you. Here’s what we should learn from them

  1. Let People In. You will never have a successful relationship (in romance, friendship, business, whatever) until you learn to let go and let people in.
  2. See the Best in Everyone. These girls didn’t just trip and fall into the arms of some perfect specimen. You must be able to see more good than bad in everyone. She’s not madly in love because he’s flawless trust me.
  3. Know What You Want. They got what they wanted; a partner in life but is that what you really want? Or is it what you’re supposed to want? So many of us run aimlessly away from love because we aren’t really sure what they hell we’re looking for.

The Do Gooder


Now if she’s not annoying, I don’t know who is. Her Facebook has pictures of her with kids with learning disabilities, she has walked for every disease under the sun, she gets her friends and family to donate to worthy causes, she’s the girl with the dog with the ‘Adopt Me’ vest. And the worst of them are the ones that don’t make a big deal about it. They’re just like really authentically concerned about the world…annoying. But I suppose we should be more like them

  1. Um…Do Good Things. Its simple really. It doesn’t have to be grand scale, Mia Farrow level stuff. Everywhere you look there is an opportunity to be good and to make someone’s life, year, day better than it would have been without you.
  2. Do More Than is Expected of You. In all areas of life. Prove you can exceed what is necessary. Do more than what’s in your job description, call your mother more than she expects you to, surprise people.
  3. Expect People to Be Good. Do Gooders wouldn’t be Do Gooders if they didn’t think people were deserving. Expect people to be decent and they generally won’t disappoint you.

The Social Butterfly


Happy Hour? She’s on it. Boozy brunch? Done. Her last dinner party was photographed for a friggin blog. When you go out with her she knows people, they love her, she wants you to meet people, she plans things, when you’re bored you go through her Instagram feed as that counts as your social activity for the night. All irritating. Here’s what you can learn

  1. Live Big. Whatever big means to you. It may not mean galas and trips it may mean instead of “liking to paint”, take classes, have time to paint permanently in your schedule, read technique books, socialize on line with painters. Go big.
  2. Stop Being a Bitch. I’m not saying you are but big city living can make us hard…take a step back and see when you could use an attitude adjustment
  3. “No one looks back on their life and remembers the  nights they had plenty of sleep”. You don’t have to pretend to enjoy going out but if you stay home any longer your futon will eventually fuse to your ass.

The Life Lover


Oh The Life Lover…definition of annoying. She usually writes blogs like mine (though noticeably more positive), She goes to Gabrielle Bernstein conventions (who is amazing), she only tweets positive quotes and proverbs and she wants to teach you how to meditate because it changed her life or something. If you have someone like this in your life you’re incredibly lucky and here’s why.

  1. Happy can be a Verb. No one is happy every single day but she should teach you that you can “wear happy” or “do happy”. Trick you mind, it works.
  2. Happiness Take Work like Anything Else. Don’t expect to wake up one day and find bliss. She didn’t win the nirvana lottery. Work at it. Learn about yourself and your brand of happy.
  3. Only Be Around things that Support Your Happy even if it makes you look crazy. If you’ve ever noticed your Life Lover friend kinda shuts down when you say negative things or rebuffs you with life loving mantras, or  she is the first one to leave when people start getting gossipy. You become your surroundings.



I’m not sure what we’re supposed to learn from Beyonce but  we should probably try to emulate her in whatever way we can.


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